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  • Four-Directional Travel for Narrow Aisles

    Create up to 40% more storage space with the Raymond 7310 4-D Reach-Fork truck. This multi-directional forklift provides 4-directional travel capability to allow operators to handle long, bulky loads in narrow aisles more precisely – resulting in less product, rack and equipment damage – and a lower cost of ownership for you.

  • Lift Truck Fleet Management

    The iWAREHOUSE Essential fleet optimization system enables you to fully optimize lift truck vehicle and operator performance. Achieve timely productivity gains with the data and reports available from our single-view web portal, accessible from an internet-enabled device.

  • Lift Heavy Loads Higher

    The Raymond 9800 Swing-Reach truck allows you to lift heavy loads higher in a highly compact footprint. With exceptional maneuverability and an energy efficient design, the 9800 turret truck has been engineered to take your very narrow aisle warehouse to the next level.

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