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Technician Training

    Raymond Forklift Training

    Our Instructors Are Ready When You Are

    You can send your forklift technicians to Customer Technician Courses at Raymond headquarters or request a training at your facility. To send a technician to a scheduled training or request a class for your business, simply use the form below to contact your local Raymond Sales and Service Center for scheduling and enrollment information.

Questions About Technician Training

    Can we schedule a class at our facility?

    If you have a number of technicians who need to be trained, but can't make it to our headquarters, just contact your local Raymond Sales and Service Center to arrange for the same top-notch training to be brought to you!

    What trucks do you offer training for?

    The Raymond Corporation offers technician training for all of its lift trucks. Please contact your local Raymond authorized Sales and Service Center to discuss your specific needs and to set up a class for the Raymond products currently utilized by your business.

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