Raymond Forklift Operator Training

Training Makes a Difference

    Raymond Forklift Operator Training, Forklift Training

    Help Improve Bottom-line Results

    Studies have shown that effective forklift operator training can help improve how your operation runs. Designed to help you protect your people, equipment and materials, Safety on the Move® can assist in satisfying regulatory and required forklift training.

    Forklift operator training , Raymond safety on the move

    Features of Safety on the Move

    The Safety on the Move program includes a trainer’s guide, videos, student workbooks, and other support materials specific to the types of Raymond forklift trucks that your operators use on the job.

    Our unique forklift operator training program incorporates a variety of classroom and hands-on training methods, including interactive discussions, video and presentations, instructor-led demonstrations, and practical exercises for the participants. This approach helps to meet the learning needs of a wide range of forklift operators.

Forklift Training the Smart Way

    Fulfill Operator Training Requirements

    Safety on the Move can help you comply with applicable governmental regulations that require all forklift operators to be trained and certified, including OSHA requirements for powered industrial trucks.

    Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

    With proper operator instruction and forklift training, you'll be able to maximize your truck operation for greater accuracy and efficiency through every shift.

    Protecting Your Investments

    Forklift operators who know how to use their equipment are more inclined to take care of their equipment correctly. There is greater productivity, less equipment damage from misuse and abuse, and less product, facility and rack damage due to improper handling practices.

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